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CARM Client Portal Postponed for Importers until October 2024

CBSA (The Canada Border Services Agency) has announced the release of the CARM (CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management) Client Portal Release 2 will go ahead as planned on May 13, 2024, internally.  However, the launch of the portal for Trade Chain Partners (Customs Brokers and Importers) has been postponed until October.  You can read the official announcement by clicking this link. CBSA phasing in CARM: launching internally for CBSA use as planned in May and later in the fall for trade chain partners –

We will provide additional information when it becomes available from CBSA.

Due to this delay, Beaver Brokerage Inc, will continue “business as usual” and continue remitting payment of duty and taxes to CBSA on your behalf and expect your current payment method for our invoices.  If you wish to change the current disbursement and or payment method, please reach out to our office.

We continue to urge importers to register on the CARM Client Portal if your company has not already done so.

It is imperative all importers be registered on the CARM Client Portal.


CBSA has prepared the following documents to assist importers:

CBSA Messaging – CARM

Toolkit EN

Info de l’ASFC – GCRA FRA

Trousse d’information

More information may also be found at:


Please reach out to our office if you have questions or require assistance.